Want to know what is going on here? Hopefully these series of curated Questions and Answers will cover what most may be curious about.

—What Is Anexentum?——————

The word itself is the term used to describe the setting where a collection of story lines take place in. The general meaning of the word a connection of events and actions that all tie into one another, the endless ripple effects of choices made and their radial impact on everything around them in both significant and insignificant ways. It is the consequence of actions for good or ill and how it shapes the world around.

As a setting, Anexentum refers to an alternate reality in counter to our own. There is an Earth with similar flora and fauna you all may be familiar with, but its geography and history are very much not the same. In Addition to Earth, there are other planets, sometimes several planets, that also play a part in the story and plots that you might find in Anexentum. What results is setting that influences a collection of works both science fiction and speculative fiction, but all future-set fiction.

This site is The Anexentum, and all stories found here take place within, Anexentum.

—What Are The Stories?—————

There are 3 core stories that take place within Anexentum and they are: (Presented in Chronological Order)


A story about personhood both lost and constructed. Follows the lives of the Pretorians, the people, and even AI, as they find identity for themselves in the midst of a civil war taking place on an alternate Earth.


A story of individual place and social conflict that follows the events surrounding Talon, in the midst of a growing conflict between Ertakar and Humans on the Ertakar home planet.

Starship Lollipop

A mix of spacer slice-of-life and brewing conflicts that ramp as the story progresses that follows the activities of the 'Starship Lollipop' and its crew.

The three stories take place sometimes a thousand or few thousand years apart from one another. But despite the length of time between each of them, they are all intrinsically tied to one another, as time does not erase the choices of the past.

—Will There Be More?——————

As of this time, I have no other comics planned for Anexentum. However, there are plans for small side-stories, which can take the form of one-page comics, mini-comics or short stories. It is possible this could change, but I make no promises.